Innovation Gallery

As technology and design tools have evolved through industry verticals, the one constant has been smart, passionate people working together to innovate. Not only has Domain Systems evolved into a global product lifecycle management provider and supply chain expert but our complimentary design and productivity tools have come a long way too.

Our unique position as the original Agile PLM services provider enabled Domain to get a head start on innovation with our own add-on software as well as packaged solutions.  We are deploy leading edge PLM technologies, such as pre and post integrations to and from PLM.  Examples include our ERP tools that reduce development and delivery lead times which integrate seamlessly.  Our Accelerate solutions capitalize on our industry expertise to enable rapid time to value based on industry verticals like High Technology, Medical Device, Semi-conductor and more.

Our developments and solutions are optimized and tested, minimizing late stage changes and reducing risk. The creation of a knowledge-based collaborative environment allows deployment teams to focus on core implementation business improvement activities. Fully available information allows specialized expertise to be applied earlier, improving product and driving innovation.

We have already seen the benefit of this approach: we commonly realize a 50%-75% reduction in implementation times and 35-60% improvements in waste, scrap and change cycle times with most of our customers.

This is an exciting time for innovation at Domain!

With over 75 full deployments, 50+ products available to enhance your value, and an average of 10 years of experience with every developer and consultant, Domain provides the most Innovative Products and Services for our Customers.

Here are a few recent innovations!

Accelerates: 15 yrs of experience and methodology packaged and delivered to rapidly get you into production!
Agile to SAP Integration:  Direct to SAP or via SAP Netweaver PI (formerly XI)
Approval Matrix:  Agile PX provides simple business rules to add and send notifications for routable object workflow   
User Adoption Pak (UAP):  Increase Agile PLM adoption throughout the enterprise.
Data Center:  With the right tool, Domain performs complex data migration and blanking services

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