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Revolutionize your business performance with our comprehensive PLM support services.


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Built on over two and half decades of PLM experience, a passion for addressing complex business problems, and an ongoing dedication to customer success, we are your Center of Excellence (CoE). CoE consists of a single annual payment depending on the level of service provided.
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Each company’s PLM solution will vary in breadth and scope. From installation-to daily use to ongoing upgrades, CoE support packages offer a solution. While many clients possess some of the required expertise for their PLM needs (most do not). The solution must be to gain those extra skills without taking impacting productivity.

That’s why we have proven best practices and an expert team that will help you along the journey to install or upgrade your PLM suite.

Implementation Phases

Implementing your solution is critical to successful integration. Following our proven best practice methodology, we guide you through our 3D approach (Design, Develop, Deploy) we can assure a quick and seamless deployment in your new environment.


With the client, we will develop a strategy with clear expectations and objectives. We help you to understand the specific business problems and technology. Train the project team and map out all requirements.


With that solution design we build out the new parameters and templates needed. We also develop a self-paced training course and materials as well.


We make the transition. We begin converting data and begin live operations with a fully tested system and trained users. Our final step will be performing audits and doing the final refining of the system and recap best practices for your future.

Hands-Free PLM Support

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Domain Support delivers knowledgeable service to every role in your PLM ecosystem:

  • PLM Administrator
  • DB Administrator
  • Change Analyst
  • Integration Support
  • Business Analyst
  • Application Developer
  • Application Training Expert
  • Project Manager
  • Migration & Data Integrity Support
  • Management
  • OEM Liaison Support

Client Success

“Domain is a teaching consultant. Our Project Engineer domonstrates expert knowledge of Agile PLM, which is invaluable for projects with tight timelines. Excellent communication and always professional, friendly and flexable.”
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Next Level Solutions

Center of Excellence has grown to encompass more than 100 manufacturing enterprises from varying verticals. IT departments are leveraging Center of Excellence to fill all kinds of needs: staff augmentation, managed services, knowledge and resource management, PLM IT systems management, and more.


Domain Systems Support provides value in every category everything Oracle Support can, with exception to bug fixes. This is simply due to Oracle being in ownership of the software master code. Where DSI Support really shines is when it comes to the application of PLM. It is probably safest to think of Domain Systems Support as “supplemental” to Oracle Support in a sense. As they are your software’s OEM (and there are many issues and questions that can be resolved without Oracle Support). However, for the best possible results, Center of Excellence in addition to Oracle Support will provide you with full coverage in case of issues with your Agile environments. 

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