Agile PLM

Agile PLM ™ is Agile Software’s small, midsize and large enterprise product lifecycle management (PLM) solution.

Agile PLM™ speeds product innovation, cuts product costs, improves cycle times, increases efficiencies, enhances product quality, ensures regulatory compliance, improves customer satisfaction, and drives overall profitability.

Since its inception in 1995, Agile has been successfully serving PLM customers with its best in class solutions. Domain’s relationship with Agile began in 1996. We were not only the first services partner, but became the first reseller of Agile products in 2002.  As an Oracle Gold Partner we continue to serve the PLM and greater Oracle community.

Domain Product

Domain Systems brings a profound understanding of industry requirements and “how to” in our delivery of fully integrated systems. Our software solutions usually compliment our partners products by helping them integrate and handle information in an improved manner. 

Domain Systems products include: Utilities, Adapters, Information Analysis, Data Transformation, Reports, and More

Invention Machine Goldfire

Invention Machine Goldfire is an innovation intelligence platform generating top-line growth, market share increase, and productivity improvement with focus on three core areas:

  • Comprehensive opportunity assessment and problem analysis
  • Collaboration (expert identification and automatic knowledge re-use)
  • Optimal ideation and conceptualization

The Goldfire solution integrates proven ideation, problem solving and opportunity analysis capabilities with preceise access to internal and external knowledge.