avatar"I have been in awe these past few days at the knowledge and efficiency of Domain Systems. Before arriving here I was skeptical that we could get all that we wanted to accomplish done in two short days. There was so much I personally needed to know that I thought for sure that Domain Systems would have to extend their time here.

"Your consultants answered every question I asked with simple and clear instructions that I regret not having a tape recorder running for future reference. They were personable and attentive. This shows great character when dealing with people, who like me, are struggling to grasp so much in a short time.

"Domain Systems also did one thing, which I hold in very high regard. When talking about how to handle our company issues the Domain Systems' consultants would talk to me and not at me. There are very few people in this world who have that capability when dealing with those who aren't as informed as they are.

"Our time with Domain Systems was too short for me but you didn't leave any rock unturned. Thank you so much for your entire team effort in getting us to go live. I truly hope that you realize what a wonderful asset you have in your consultants."

Beverly Reed
Red Bank, NJ
avatar"Domain Systems has been a strong and reliable alliance partner since our inception. They continue to provide leadership in consulting and project management ensuring rapid time-to-value. They are expert in leveraging the competitive advantages of true product chain management offered exclusively by Agile Software. They have been instrumental in expanding Agile's footprint to now over 60 joint satisfied customers. As our original alliance partner, they are an exceptional company that has proven their value repeatedly providing sound, intelligent solutions."

Bryan Stolle
Former CEO
Agile Software
"Overall, every project they were involved with was completed in a timely manner and met all of our specified requirements. All of the Domain Systems' consultants and programmers were professional, thorough and flexible throughout each of our projects. We plan on using them in the future as more improvements are made to our Document Control system."

Joel Loosli
Director, Fairchild Semiconductor Intl.
Salt Lake Document Control
"Domain Systems provided a professional, friendly and effective service to our company. They used their experience to successfully help us through the installation, configuration and data extraction phases of the Agile introduction, providing useful advice at all times."

Martin Claydon
Engineering Project Manager SDS
Simoco Limited, UK
"Philips Semiconductors, Sunnyvale Document Center and Legal Departments chose Domain Systems, Inc. for our latest Documentum related projects for the following reasons: cost, experience, and the success of an earlier project.

"In this latest project, Domain Systems assisted in moving our existing Documentum application to a new server. This included the installation of Oracle, the installation of updated Documentum software, setting up Oracle, the installation, configuration of two docbases, and the move of the existing docbases to the new server. We also required the installation and setup of AutoRender Pro.

"The Domain Systems' consultant was professional in his manner, and thorough in his review of our project before hand. He was knowledgeable in the Documentum products, as well as Oracle and UNIX. The project was completed in the timeframe promised.

"Our comfort level with Domain Systems stems mainly from their knowledge of the products, and the completion of projects within the allotted timeframe. It is also a plus that Domain Systems was competitive in pricing."

Susan Franks
Manager, Phillips Semiconductors
Specification Services, SVL
"As a Director/Senior Program Manager with Computer Sciences Corporation's Chemical Group, located in Wilmington Delaware. Accounts, namely Enron and BHP, employ Documentum as a cornerstone of one or more mission critical application. Domain Systems, Inc. is providing both on-site and off-site technical services to my team's efforts. That support has been and currently is superb!

"In the case of Enron, we are supporting an application called 'EnFile' which is responsible for maintaining and retrieving natural gas and electricity tariffs to allow Enron business dealers to sell services at a competitive rate to their clients. EnFile operates in a Windows NT and Sun Solaris environment with Documentum 3.1.7, Oracle 7.3.4, and seventeen Visual Basic (VB) Components providing on-line and web front end services to Enron on a daily basis. EnFile's DocBase consists of over 825 tariffs, growing at a rate of about 30 percent per year. The DocBase requires in excess of 20 Gbytes disk storage, employing a RIAD 5 configuration.

"In support of this effort I have a full time on-site Documentum specialist from Domain Systems. His level of expertise, his professionalism, and his high client interrelationships has been instrumental in achieving the high level of client satisfaction we have enjoyed on this project. Equally important has been the fast turn around on very short notice that Domain Systems has provided the team in quickly resolving complex issues we could not handle. I have nothing but the highest respect for Domain Systems' professionals and their competency. Because of my trust in Domain Systems and its staff, I have accepted a Migration Task to move EnFile off Documentum 3.1.7 and Oracle 7.3.4 to Documentum 4i and Oracle 8.1.6, which we estimate will be completed this summer.

"In the case of BHP, we are supporting their global implementation of a Documentum 4i solution in providing global access, routing, and approval of all corporate and federal regulatory documentation. I have, once again, supplemental support from Domain Systems staff in Utah. This effort, like EnFile, is proceeding superbly, especially with the rapid, reliable Documentum expertise I am able to draw on from Domain Systems."

Jim Steverson
Director, Computer Sciences Corp.