What is Agile PLM?

Oracle’s Agile PLM software is a user friendly business tool which was acquired by Oracle in 2007. 

Year after year, Agile has scored as a 4th quadrant leader among other top tier IT solutions. It has been rated best-of-breed by users world wide. It also had the fastest time to value (compared to on premise OEMs).  Agile has helped thousands of businesses reduce cycle times and enjoy greater production as well as increasing profits.

The software manages information, processes, and decisions about the product, throughout the entire lifecycle. It can be used across the entire global product network.  

Agile PLM supports the critical phases and processes of your products life cycle, from concept to retirement.

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Agile PLM Solution

The Agile enterprise product record manages all the information required by the extended enterprise to conceptualize, design, source, build, sell, service and dispose of products.

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Portfolio Information



Design Information


Governance & Compliance


Process Data


Supplier Data


Manufacturing Data


Service Data


  • Phases / Milestones
  • Program Change Management
  • Deliverables
  • Schematics and drawings
  • Engineering Design Reviews
  • CAD Models
  • Software or Firmware
  • Regulatory
  • Audits
  • Standards
  • ECOs, MCOs, and Deviations
  • Change History
  • Documentation
  • Approved Vendors
  • Pricing
  • Availability
  • Bill of Materials
  • Manufacturing Instructions
  • Revision data
  • Corrective Data
  • Field Instructions
  • Service BOMs

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