Agile PLM manages your product record – from the very first idea written on a napkin, through design, development, and commercialization phases, all the way until end-of-life.

Gaps in Expertise

When a business is short on technicians, users, or administrators, the result is more down-time, bugs, wasted time and lost revenue. It is vital to the success of your business that you have access to knowledgeable resources to help you operate PLM the right way.  

Managing system infrastructure, scheduling routine maintenance, and executing preventative measures ensures successful use of the application – but it also means an PLM-specific workforce is needed. 

But the cost of hiring someone for each missing role adds up and quickly become prohibitive.

Application Support

Instead of delegating to an already overburdened IT or hiring, training, and managing more staff, you can acquire industry-leading skills for every PLM-specific vacancy with a Domain Systems application support plan.

PLM Support goes beyond the traditional, overseas technical assistance provided by the software developer.  It is an affordable way to supplement your missing roles with the industry’s most knowledgeable Agile developers and consultants.

Rather than dealing with a new person every time you need PLM assistance, Domain Systems pairs you with someone who will be with your business the entire time, spearheading your needs to a dedicated team of pros.

It's like using a Managed Services Provider with a few key differences:


Wider skill set

For the most part, traditional MSPs are limited to general IT skills.  Domain Systems Support staff undergo additional certification in PLM applications.


You are in charge

You receive a weekly allocation of time, depending on your needs, and are free to decide when and how to utilize support resources.


Single point of contact

Instead of having a new, unfamiliar person responding to your support requests, Domain Systems provides you with an account manager who is your point of contact from start to finish.


  • Conduct regular benchmark audits
  • Augment existing Agile PLM team (whether temporary or permanent)
  • Provide additional expert Agile PLM knowledge
  • Get instant post production support for new or upgraded implementations
  • Supplement you PLM team with Agile certified administration & configuration skill
  • Troubleshoot Agile application issues
  • Conduct health checks
  • Gain specific application competency on demand
  • Stay current, with regular Agile software update installations, as often as every 2 months

Plan Levels


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