Process Extensions are simple developments that save Agile PLM users a lot of time.

Automatically run background processes within the Agile application that can accomplish virtually any desired task or series of tasks.  

Domain Systems has developed more than 200 custom DomainPX™ Process Extensions that seamlessly:

  • Manipulate the flow of specific sets of data
  • Automate routine tasks 
  • Generate reports
  • Create interface points for integrations
  • …and more

Check out our complete catolog of DomainPX Process Extensions:



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Why Process Extensions?

Business processes are often similar, which is why Agile PLM functions apply to such a wide array of users. Even though Agile is constantly evolving in order to meet changing business needs, there are going to be functions that go uncaptured when Oracle releases an Agile update.


With DomainPX Process Extensions, users can extend Agile’s functionality.

Domain Systems keeps things fresh and timely for us. They are very proactive. They don’t wait for bad things to happen.  Because of Domain Systems, we’ve been able to avoid a lot of bad problems”

Monica Buchannon

Systems Administrator, (Optics and Optoelectronics Manufacturer)

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