In the late 1980’s, PDM was evolving to PLM, but built with less than 50% of the functionality found in today’s run-of-the-mill solution.  Most businesses kept their distance, however, as those early platforms were well beyond outside of most budgets and an insufficient amount of compelling data existed that would sanction an investment.

Implementations were conducted from the ground-up and generally took about 1-2 years before the business was finally able to go live. 


Sherpa Systems Corporation was the first commercial PLM system developer, vendor, and implementer.  In a brand new market, Sherpa seemed to have a guaranteed and bright future, however, terminal mishandling of the company began occurring after the passing of its founder, Steve Shopbach.

Reading the writing on the wall, many Sherpa employees made preparations to seek other employment opportunities.


3 employees departed around the same time, with plans to ally in a business venture and partnership: Hassan Khalife, Randy Pettit, and Brian Stolle.

Brian founded Agile Software Corporation, an early Silicon Valley product lifecycle management software developer, shortly after Hassan and Randy had co-founded Domain Systems, Inc.

Domain Systems played a vital role Agile’s growth and traction.  Agile played a vital role in Domain Systems success.  Both organizations enjoyed a synergistic relationship and piloted towards the front of a new, but quickly growing industry.  

Domain Systems has been a strong and reliable alliance partner since our inception.  They continue to provide leadership in consulting and project management ensuring rapid time-to-value.

They are expert in leveraging the competitive advantages of true product chain management offered exclusively by Agile Software.  They have been instrumental in expanding Agile’s footprint.

As our original alliance partner, they are an exceptional company that has proven their value repeatedly providing sound, intelligent solutions.

Brian Stolle

Founder, Agile Software

Domain Systems is a privately held firm, based in the US. 

Focus and expertise:

in business knowledge management and IT data management systems. 

Partnerships and Certifications:

– Oracle Gold Partner

– Cloud Gold Standard

– Agile Product Lifecycle Management Solutions

– Product Lifecycle Management Cloud Solutions

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