Going above and beyond your typical support offering with the Center of Excellence

Every Agile PLM customer has the option to receive software support from Oracle Corporation. It covers items such as:

  • Resolving internal software and database issues
  • Investigating and providing fixes to bugs and data upgrade issues
  • Supporting entry of/access to enhancements to application in future releases
  • Providing security patches, fixes, proactive support tools, and configuration-specific updates and  recommendations

Unlike Oracle Product Support (which troubleshoots software development issues), the Center of Excellence takes a proactive application approach- immediately going to work researching, diagnosing, and resolving the issues. Center of Excellence provides:

  • International support
  • Multi-Site support
  • Aggressive SLAs based on issue criticality
  • One Dedicated support representative
  • Assistance with Agile configuration
  • Guidance with programming issues
  • Error troubleshooting
  • Direct, telephone support
  • Team of Agile experts
  • Experience with supporting validated systems
  • Best Practice assistance
  • Upgrade planning support
  • Preventative care
  • Configuration assistance
  • User/Admin training
  • Proactive administration
  • Ability to augment existing Agile support team/needs
  • System audit reviews
  • On-site health checks