Agile PLM allows downstream processes for prototyping, work instructions, and technical publications. The challenge is allowing input from disparate front end contributing solutions from design and innovation activities like CAD.


iAdapt Integrations


Domain Systems Agile clients address this problem with iAdapt eCAD – a line of application tools built and configured especially for Agile Product Lifecycle Management. iAdapt will provide you and your users with complete product and part visibility


Below are our pre-built integration tools to some of the most commonly used CAD platforms. If you don’t see your platform listed, our developers are ready and able to custom build the adapter of your choice.

iAdapt Integrations

Agile integration that provides one-to-many (or many-to-one) component library information to DxDatabook. Provides a set of views through ODBC connectivity. The views will be real-time data from Agile


  • Engineers can search for, retrieve, and place components that are ‘mastered’ in the Agile system into a design in Mentor.
  • Multiple data types supported (Text, MultiText, List, Date)
  • Real-time view with up to date Agile component data
  • Reliable and easy to use


  • Agile allows connections between manufacturer parts. Because of these relationships specific logic needs to be introduced to ensure the successful inclusion of manufacturer part (AML) data. Inclusion of AML data in the DxDatabook views integration require adhering to a few basic rules.
  • If there is no AML for a part, the AML fields in the view will be left blank
  • If there is AML data, the only manufacturer part data represented in the view will be for those records where preferred status = preferred


iAdapt OrCAD / CIS

Seamless integration for transferring data between Oracle Agile PLM and OrCAD. The component views are custom configured for each customer.


  • All component information is mastered in Agile
  • No duplicate component library information
  • Dynamic views allow component selection the moment a component is released
  • Views are highly configurable and tailored to customers’ requirements
  • Accurate data exchange with an instant error notification
  • Reliable and easy to use


  • Search and retrieve parts via Agile directly within an OrCAD / CIS session.
  • Perform component selection from CIS with custom views using Agile component subclasses
  • From CIS selected component view, can open Agile web client for part and attachments information in Agile PLM
  • Views can include most any type of attribute field from Agile
  • Views will be presented as individual tables corresponding to customer defined component types


iAdapt Custom eCAD Integration [General Applications]

If you are using any other program for your eCAD needs, our engineers will customize a solution for you. An iAdapt CAD Integration will allow a flow of information to seamlessly connect your data into Agile PLM.


  • Engineers can search, link and publish to Agile [and Oracle Product Development] eCAD work, elimination redundant data entry. Down-stream enterprise users will receive product releases faster with less lead time.
  • Eliminates custom code for information transfer from Agile to CAD
  • Saves time and eliminated common errors associated with updating CAD manually
  • Instant email notification to the change analyst of any errors
  • Reliabe and easy to use

Adapter Features

  • Project-based version and revision control for eCAD projects from propriety interface
  • Manages check-out, check-in, and versioning for project related objects
  • Projects and their corresponding elements managed as discrete files or as archives
  • Author once, reuse many times in document assemblies throughout the document library
  • eCAD vendor agnostic allowing project folder structures and objects to be identified and controlled for a specific eCAD tool or customer design process by using configurable templates
  • Projects managed as special subclasses in Agile are revision controlled using standard change control processes

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