Within the Oracle Agile PLM community are thousands of satisfied and successful users.  Still, I find that many of these users would love the chance to ‘tailor’ at least one of Agile’s functions to better fit a particular business requirement.

Specialized Oracle partners (such as Domain Systems) have the ability to help Agile users meet this need through custom process extensions (or PXs).  Looking for the “right” PX can be difficult, particularly when it comes to satisfying multiple business requirements, such as, the kind of document types which are to be supported or which ones can be printed to PDF.

One such process extension is the DomainPX™- PDM Generator tool. The DomainPX- PDM Generator Tool can be used to generate PDF documents during the Agile Change Management process or when products are released within Agile.

Benefits Include:

  • End-user access to products documentation in PDF Format.
  • PDF files can be viewed by anyone on your Supply Chain- CAD or no CAD.
  • Remote/Mobile viewing of product documentation.
  • Real time access to documents
  • Cost-effective

Having a PDF Tool integrated with Agile, provides the end-user with instant access to product documentation in PDF format (during the Agile Change Management process).  Along the supply chain, your suppliers, contract-manufacturers, etc. (who may not have CAD or other document viewing tool) will now be able to view product documentation and specifications in a clean PDF file format. Product documentation may then be accessed remotely, in near real-time (regardless of having immediate access to Agile or not).

Features Include:

  • All features of the PRINT2PDF Tool are configurable in a configuration properties file
  • Available Option to select which Affected Items/BOM Items’ documents to print to PDF. And this applies to recent Item revisions as well as old Item revisions
  • “File Types” option used to include which Document Types will be printed to PDF.
  • Check out and Check in functionality.
  • WaterMark and foot/header features included.
  • And several more…

AutoVue software supports more file formats than other commercial PDF Tools available in the market.  Most commercial process extensions are needlessly overpriced.  In addition, PDF tools, in particular are limited with its supported formats, or may not have the API integration toolkit.  In the instances where a vendor has included the toolkit, chances are it has not been developed in Java (the programming language supported by Agile).

For companies that have AutoVue installed and fully integrated with Agile, we highly recommend they take advantage of the AutoVue API Integration capability, and use it as a PDF Generator within Agile.

Here’s how to run the Print2PDF Tool:

  • Once the PDF Generator Tool (Print2PDF PX) is installed and configured, it can be run via Item’s Actions Menu or via ECO’s Actions Menu as well as during ECO’s workflow/lifecycle processes.
  • PDF Action and Folder fields are enabled and added on the Item’s Attachments Tab. Both fields are optional, if Generated PDF files only need to be downloaded into the Output DESTINATION folder. However, if Generated PDF files also need to be uploaded back to the Item’s Attachments Tab, both fields would need to be set up in Agile™.
  • Option values for the PDF Action field are: No PDF, PDF Only and PDF and Push.
  • The Folder field contains the names of the folders (i.e. Documentation, Engineering, …..) that will be created on the fly, within the main output DESTINATION folder, into which Generated PDF files will be downloaded.
  • Option values for the Folder field can be as many as required. These values are the names of the folders as said above and they will be created, when Generated PDF Files are downloaded.

If you have questions about the DomainPX- Print2PDF tool, our existing catalog of DomainPX’s, or would like to speak with a representative about customizing your Agile functionality, call (801) 447-3777 or visit us at www.domainsi.com.


Adelard Rubangura

Sr. Development Engineer, Professional Services Dept.

Domain Systems, Inc.