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Managed Services

Our services include consultants and specialized staffing for meeting your evolving business’s needs.

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Managed Services

Organizations today are facing growing competition and complexities. They need to increase the flexibility and agility of their businesses, and simultaneously reduce costs and risks. Technology alone isn’t enough to meet your increasingly complex and dynamic business and information systems needs.  You need a solution for the growing needs within your discrete manufacturing supply chain. Especially for PLM and related IT environments. The Domain managed services offering is provided via our Center of Excellence (CoE) program. We provide organizational services to maintain and support their manufacturing IT solutions. You will see improved performances, and operations, primarily through analysis of existing applications and helping to develop new plans and roadmaps for improvement.

Why Hire a Managed Service?

There is a variety of reasons, including gaining external advice to specialized expertise across a number of disciplines that all combine to improve output. These improvements combine analysis, skills, technology, strategy and operational improvement that align productivity with best practice for the best possible output.

Managed Service Specialists

For PLM managed services, we augment each specific IT role in an on-call US-based support center or you can request on premise personnel with expertise for a period of time. You will receive “next level” solutions that  will carry the baton where traditional tech support drops off. Our center has helped more than 500 manufacturing enterprises from varying verticals, just like yours. IT departments are now leveraging our Center of Excellence to fill multiple needs; staff augmentation, managed services, knowledge and resource management, IT systems management and more.

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Domain Systems Managed Services

Currently, if you are attempting to save money on IT infrastructure and personnel by offsetting these costs and using that money for other projects.  But how can you accomplish this and still get superior products out the door when everything keeps changing?

Managed services offers a solution.

 In comparison with the costly amount of full-time staff and hardware, the savings immediately come into play. 

Why should companies partner with a managed service providers?

  • It is possible for smaller organizations to have an inadequate system management team due to lack of in-house resources.
  • Many organizations with an IT division are overburdened with end-user support, troubleshooting, and software upgrades.
  • Organizations requiring outside expertise regarding complex projects (for example, infrastructure upgrades, migrations, or security information)

With managed services, you will receive the following benefits:

  • You’ll never have to worry about learning new technologies
  • Your efforts are our focus, not your piece of technology
  • Dedicated team of experts will take care of what you need done
  • Make more money with less work
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Reduce operational burden and free up resources for higher level activities.

We Make IT Work

Domain’s managed services is an end-to-end solution, providing full product life cycle application support: implementation to ongoing support and hosting, customization, extensions and upgrades.

The success of your managed services hinges on our understanding of your business. Partnering with all levels of your organization allows Domain to deliver timely and specific expertise to your business teams that need it, when they need it.

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Service Levels

Guaranteed Service Levels

Our support team is on call and monitoring your systems 24/7/365. You always have immediate access to highly skilled IT professionals, dedicated to you and  familiar with your environment. Domain is focused on one thing and one thing only: making sure your applications are available and running efficiently. We guarantee it!

Application Hosting

Domain’s team of US-based experts do nothing but manage and optimize mission-critical, complex enterprise environments. Working daily with a wide range of configurations and applications means not a lot surprises them. Whether your project is small, medium or large, their technical knowledge is always available; without the challenge and cost of hiring, training and retention.

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Office Buildings

Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership

Complete storage backup, and disaster recovery infrastructure is expensive to acquire and maintain. It is not unusual, especially in smaller companies, to hear that an owner or manager didn’t think much about IT Disaster Recovery because they only relate it to a flood, earthquake or hurricane happening on their site. The bigger picture, however, is that there are more types of disasters than people realize – and disasters are a lot more common than you may think.

 With geographically dispersed data centers and fully redundant systems, Domain provides top tier application performance, business continuity and disaster recovery at a fraction of the cost of an on-premise solution.

Managed Service Support

Each company’s needs vary in breadth and scope. From Installation, through daily use, and ongoing upgrades our support packages offer solutions. While many companies possess some of the required expertise for their PLM needs, most do not. The solution must be to gain those extra skills without taking impacting productivity. The cost-effective answer is through managed service support. Our teams of experts create a partnership.

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Routine Training Support

Many companies are not fully utilizing or are unaware of features of PLM software. We offer training to keep you up to speed and help you apply industry best practices. With each update of PLM software, more features are introduced, we will help you during each release to maximize the software to its greatest potential and allow you to a higher return on investment.

Unfortunately companies across all industry verticals more often than not simply do not have the headcount or a full complement of expertise required to take full advantage of the complete benefits of each PLM module. If the following apply to you, we have a solution:
Why domain systems

A knowledgeable partner in your corner


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“Choosing Domain Systems to implement Agile PLM was one of the best business decisions we’ve made. We just can’t say enough great things about the ongoing support and expertise they provide”

PLM Program Manager

Semi-Conductor Industry

What to Expect

Simply put, managed services ensure best practice day-to-day operation of your PLM application. A PLM managed services provider (MSP) is an extension of your business, generally working under the direction of IT. PLM managed services are a way for smaller businesses and businesses without the necessary in-house expertise to still get the maximum benefit from PLM.

Managed Services offer a variety or benefits but one of the biggest is cost control. With Manages Services you can reduce the cost producing your products. 

While Managed Services will not replace existing staff members, it will help free up more of your existing resources to focus on more strategic projects. You can rest assured that your company is minimizing the risks associated with maintaining client data and sensitive competitive information and more with today’s managed service offerings.

Are you trying to decide whether to use managed services or consulting? Experts in both focus areas can help you determine the best technological solutions for your company’s future, and both can assist you in implementing those solutions.

However here’s how they differ: Unlike a consultant who leaves after completing an implementation or other engagement, a managed services provider will stay with your company and look after your IT from weeks to months and even years to come, forging a long-term relationship to help keep your technology working smoothly and worry-free.

Take a Quick Assessment of Needs

Relying on an in-house multi-role person for ad-hoc PLM application support pulls that resource away from other core business function whether that function is researching a better solution for lack of experience or contributing directly to the business in other ways. Also an in-house PLM IT team requires salaries, benefits and office real estate in order to get the job done. With Domain, you are paying only for the resources you use.

You may have Agile modules that are not fully utilized or even implemented. Delay in implementation is costly and defeats the value proposition for having the module in the first place. Domain’s thorough understanding of your industry vertical coupled with industry best practice ensures that you are getting the best value and ROI for your organization

When you don’t have the proper Agile PLM resources available, security and downtime can become serious problems that can dramatically hinder your ability to grow as well as to take full advantage of this critical enterprise system. You end up addressing the symptoms of a problem without addressing the root causes, which leaves Agile in a break-fix cycle that is never-ending and nightmarish. Turning the hassle of PLM support over to Domain, you can rest assured that your issues are being remediated correctly, the first time. This will result in an increased quality and reliability of the Agile comprehensive solution.

If your in-house Agile PLM expert is someone who handles the technology responsibilities of your organization on top of their other primary responsibilities, that person probably spends most of their time putting out fires instead of taking proactive and preventative measures to strengthen your PLM environments. Domain Systems provides augmented value to firms who already have internal IT teams.

This is a common problem. Most organizations devote in-house resources to maintaining the current environment. This involves patches, troubleshooting and provisioning if that. While this is vital to keeping your PLM application up and running, it leaves very little time for your PLM Team to focus on big, strategic issues that could potentially deliver even more value. Involving Domain will allow for issues to be detected early, solved and prevented from happening again.

Outsourcing the day-to-day maintenance of your PLM technology allows for companies of all sizes to be able to have expert resources available to support their application needs whether it’s, improved business process, performance optimization, creating best practice security models or . Bringing in experienced PLM resources to an organization provides both a depth and a breadth of information gained through experience in solving PLM issues.

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We realize that often there are questions that remain unanswered feel free to reach out and ask us more about Managed Services.



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