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OpenBOM is a cloud-based Open Bill of Materials (OBOM) software platform that bridges the gap between engineering and manufacturing teams by managing product information throughout the supply chain

With OpenBOM you can manage parts, catalogs, inventory, vendors, and purchase orders. OpenBOM provides benefits in all stages of manufacturing, engineering, purchasing, and supply chain. OpenBOM also provides seamless integrations with several CAD, PDM, PLM, ERP, and others to simplify your processes and connect your product record.

Small, Mid-level, or Enterprise, OpenBOM paired with Domain Systems will eliminate the silos that plague your organization, transforming into a single, manageable process. Domain Systems has built a rich history of proven methodologies and best practices to help you move from broken processes into an efficient and effective organization utilizing the latest technologies.

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OpenBOM Design to purchase Business Process

Manage Orders, RFQ, Vendors, and Purchasing

OpenBOM provides fully integrated production planning, vendor and purchasing management to support procurement, contract manufacturing and RFQ processes. The data management architecture of OpenBOM is built using flexible data objects holding different information sets semantically connected together. These data objects are flexible and generic allowing you to build any data structures using predefined and fully customizable attributes. The multi-tenant data model allows role-based access to data shared between multiple companies.

As a certified consulting partner, Domain offers Managed Services for OpenBOM

  • We implement, launch, set up, and train BOM management solutions, and integrate BOM management solutions with CAD applications.
  • We provide support and education, Q&A, and instruction on BOM management, PLM/PDM, and other services.
  • We can also assist you with the migration of data from Parts & Vendors, PDM tools, Excel, Access, and many others
  • Our solutions are customized beyond their out-of-the-box features; they integrate with enterprise applications like ERP, costing, eCommerce, etc.

Client Success

“People don’t want something really new. They want to have something they are familiar with but work differently. In today’s business world, data is king. And when it comes to manufacturing, the more data you can share between different platforms and departments, the better.”
Oleg Domain background
Oleg Shilovitsky
CEO of OpenBOM

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Most frequent questions and answers about Domain and OpenBOM

No, OpenBOM is not available on premise for any of our main subscription plans. However, for users with the Enterprise subscription plan, it is possible, send a request to for more details

Yes, when you contact our support team you are speaking with a real person on our support team. Even if you send a message via our chat bot, our team receives those messages and will get in contact with you to better assist you as soon as possible.

Yes, your Team subscription plan shares data automatically with all members of your team.

Yes, it is safer than on premise software. There are no physical servers. AWS infrastructure is secured and we pay great attention to security and privacy. The data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

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