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Agile PLM Process Extensions

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Enhancing Your Agile Solution

When your company first implemented Agile Product Lifecycle Management, the solution came pre-configured to handle most of the processes your business required. That is good for an general enterprise-level platform, but what about the balance of individual functional requirement?

Agile PLM Process Extensions (PXs) can make up the difference.

What is a PLM Process Extensions?

It is a custom or event-based utility that extends the functionality of Agile PLM.

Process Extensions nodes are built into Agile PLM that allow you to initiate (manually or automatically) any action you need to perform within the system. PXs are developed by a third-party, but they can be developed in-house by someone familiar enough with the system.

Innovation in PLM Process Extensions
Team Collaboration in PLM Process Extensions

Why do I need Agile PLM Process Extensions?

Even though Agile PLM comes almost completely preconfigured for your business, there may still be processes that are unique to users or the business.

To give an example, imagine a team of design engineers that have been instructed to physically print each ECO as it cycles. The Agile system does not have a predefined process to automate this potentially repetitive task. A process extension can be used to address this, as well as virtually any other conceivable action.


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Discover Our PLM Process Extension Datasheets

Navigate the complexities of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with our extensive process extension datasheets. These resources are designed to provide you with in-depth insights into our unique extensions, helping you understand their functionalities, benefits, and integration capabilities.

Agile to SiliconExpert

A point-to-point integration that enables the exchange of manufacture/manufacturer part information from SiliconExpert to Agile.

Push Discovery

Domain Push Discovery PX provides added functionality in order to drive component level and approved manufacturer list (AML) discovery access from top level - down.

Print to PDF

Print to PDF is an Oracle Agile Integration tool which automatically exports a .pdf version of a released document to a specified drive.

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Scientific Approach to PLM Process Extensions

Available Process Extensions

Besides having the largest selection of already-built Agile PLM Process Extensions, Domain Systems can develop Process Extensions in no time at all based upon a simple description of what you want it to do.

Each of our more than 100 PXs are priced competitively and come with the Domain Systems Promise: Highest quality work or your money back.

Client Success

Domain Systems [installed] the SAP [to Agile PLM] adapter 3-4 years ago. Everything is still working great with no problems. Everything has been very positive
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