DomainPX™ Process Extensions

Business processes are often similar across many industries. This allows Agile™ PLM’s functionality to be applied to virtually organization. Agile™ is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the market, but there will always be functionality needs that go unaddressed due to the wide array of manufacturing processes. Oracle has provided an option to those customers to adjust Agile™ PLM’s functionality with DomainPX™ process extensions.

DomainPX™ Universal Adapter Batch Update

For customers who need to transfer information from any external system into Agile™ but do not want to customize and maintain an interface for a specific external system.

The Universal Adapter processes files from the external system then updates Agile™ with critical item information such as ERP cost information, product lines, and/or other related system data.

It uses the latest Agile™ SDK technology which helps to ensure future compatibility.

The Domain PX Universal Adapter has no run-time user interface and runs in batch mode.  It updates existing item master records or creates new items in Agile™ depending on user-configured options.

The Universal Adapter runs on an Agile™ server and is built around the Agile™ SDK/MFC technology. The DomainPX™ Universal Adapter works with any external system (ERP, CAD, etc.) as long as the system can produce a text delimited extract file.

DomainPX: BOM Compliance Report

DomainPX™ BOM Compliance Report

Provide a concise view of a product’s substance-level compliance.  The report provides an exploded view of a product structure, including all BOM levels, indicating substance compliance for each component part and rolling it up to each higher level assembly.  It enhances the capabilities of the Agile™ PG&C product by providing a complete view of the product structure and each part’s compliance for each specified substance.

Though the report is not specification specific, it is based on the China RoHS X-O report template.

Specific features include:

  • Multilevel BOM explosion report
  • User selectable controls for number of BOM levels displayed, option to show/hide intermediate subassemblies, toggle X-0 vs. ppm (substance composition in parts per million) by substance
  • Report available for any substance specification
  • Specific configuration options for China RoHS report, including Chinese characters displayed for substance names
    J2EE Application uses the Agile™ SDK
  • Supports Agile™ 9.3.x
  • Built to be an Agile™ URL-based Process Extension, allowing the report to be available on the Actions menu of any Agile™ part via the Agile™ Customer
  • Microsoft Excel export feature

DomainPX™ Batch Print With Watermark

Extracts file attachments from client’s Agile™ system, based on CSV input, marks it with the appropriate header and footer, and sends the result to a predefined print queue.

Utilizes a custom-developed Java application with the Agile™ SDK to retrieve the files from Agile™ along with the necessary metadata. The files are exported to a working directory and passed to Oracle AutoVue one at a time to be opened and printed with the required headers and footers.

The utility is expected to be used primarily as an off-hours batch processing tool; therefore, requires no user interface and instead configurations are file based and the utility permits single-command launches to facilitate execution from a scheduler.

DomainPX™ Extended Where Used Report

Displays the “where-used” part information, all the way to the top level assembly or assemblies in which the part is used.  In order to discover this information in Agile™, a user would have to look at a part’s Where Used tab, then navigate to each listed item and view its Where Used data – a very tedious task and prone to errors.

Launches from the Actions menu of a part, analyzes the where-used data, and traverses BOM structures for each item, reviewing the where-used data until reaching one or more top level assemblies.

DomainPX™ CAD Inventor Analyze Tool

The Inventor CAD disassembly tool is needed to process existing Inventor CAD models in order to determine each models component assemblies and parts.  This information is required so that a bulk data load of Inventor CAD files to Agile™ 9.3.x can be accomplished. Primary tool features:

Analyze CAD models to obtain information on component assemblies and parts and model structural information

Export all model information in an output file or files in a format to be used with the Agile™ data loader.


  • ipt, iam, ipn, and idw files are handled by the disassembly tool
  • The dis-assembly tool will traverse a Windows file structure to find and analyze Inventor 2010 CAD models.  Sub-folders are allowed.

DomainPX™ Supplier Push Discovery Tool

Provides Agile™ PLM users additional functionality to drive component level and Approved Manufacturer List (AML) discovery access from the top level down.

Parts, documents, manufacturers, and manufacturer parts have a Page TwoMultiList attribute configured that includes the list of supplier(s) that may have discovery privileges granted to them. Criteria are then used to grant discovery to those suppliers whose names appear in the MultiList field. Thus, Push Discovery works by “pushing” or adding a supplier’s name to the MultiList field on each BOM component.

When DomainPX runs, it will overwrite the existing value for all children within the BOM of the affected item.


  • Web based application
  • Ability to configure as an Agile™ Process Extension (PX)
  • Filters for specific item sub-classes (i.e. all Items or parts only)
  • Ability to update only specific BOM or “where used”
  • Ability to add one or many partners