Oracle Cloud has opened the door for many businesses which are in need of PLM, but have otherwise been less inclined to commit the financial and/or infrastructural resources required from on premises counterparts.

Experience the difference

  • Integrates each phase of the product life cycle
  • Integrates with social collaboration
  • Includes a single product model and platform with a product MDM solution for commercialization
  • Features embedded analytics
  • Provides an easy-to use interface, information tiles and visual navigator
  • Offers a completely built innovation management solution with 3 key innovation business processes build on one platform:
    • strategic portfolio management
    • systems engineering
    • requirements management


Turn a steady stream of ideas into a profitable product portfolio and streamline your execution across global operations


Accelerate time to market while balancing cost quality and compliance



Safely and effectively manage quality using the latest in collaborative, connected, and closed-loop cloud technology


Rapidly commercialize products’ global, multi-site manufacturing



Rapid initializations deploy your solutions 40% faster than the industry standard, without any added risk


Prepare for deployment by safely migrating your product record from your legacy platform to the Oracle Cloud


Bring your PLM users and administrators up to speed with custom cloud application training

Managed Service

Supplement your Cloud environment with additional staffing to fill any missing role


Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to our product history if we move to the cloud?

Historical Item Master Revisions may be loaded in the cloud environment, however, they must be loaded prior to live deployment.  

Although, Historical BOM structures and workflow signoff’s may be loaded as attachments to the respective historical Item Master revision at any time.

My company uses Oracle Agile and we have some system integrations... what happens to them?

Depending on the type of integration, pieces can possibly be reused or reworked in order to be used in your cloud environment.

With Cloud PLM, what are my ERP integration options?

You have 2 options:

a.  Realtime, which uses Oracle ICS (Integrated Cloud Service)

b.  Batch method, which uses a transfer .xml file

How difficult will it be to migrate our data to cloud?

Data migration difficulty varies from case to case and will depend upon a couple of key factors:

a. The source of your data sets

b. The cleanliness of your data

(If you would like to discuss your data environment to get an accurate project scope, please call 801-447-6826)

How costly is it to migrate our data to cloud?

The cost of data migration is dependent on record count, test passes, required cleaning and transformations.

(If you would like to discuss your data environment to get an accurate project scope, please call 801-447-6826)

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