Oracle’s Agile™ Product Lifecycle Management® platform

Backed by a solid reputation and thousands of highly successful clients, Agile has enables companies to accelerate product innovation and maximizes product profitability, through the management of the information, processes and decisions about their products throughout the product lifecycle and across the boundaries of their enterprise and the global product network comprised of customers and outsourced designers, manufacturers, and suppliers.

Agile™ Product Collaboration

Through the Agile PLM main hub of Product Collaboration, flows the record of your product, supplies, and internal and external designs.

Agile™ Product Quality Management

As product complexity grows and related processes span functions, quality becomes increasingly important enterprise wide. Agile™ Product Quality Management enables the transformative journey to streamline product quality processes, replace homegrown applications, and resolve issues swiftly and efficiently across the complete product value chain.

Agile™ Product Portfolio Management

Achieving sustainable growth and product profitability is challenging in today’s fast-paced environment. Ramp productivity with Agile™ Product Portfolio Management. It helps optimize product development investments with tightly synchronized project and product information, maximized resource usage, and cross-project visibility and decision support

Agile™ Product Cost Management

Aiming for revenue growth? Controlling product cost is critical to improve profitability. Agile™ Product Cost Management is the only inter-enterprise collaborative solution that combines suppliers’ specific cost and risk data with the enterprise product record. Gain a full, integrated view of the product lifecycle to proactively analyze and adjust processes to minimize cost and risk.

Agile™ Product Governance & Compliance

Oracle’s Agile™ Product Governance and Compliance establishes a systematic approach to efficiently manage all aspects of product compliance. By merging compliance activities with the enterprise product record, you can comply with environmental standards, create policy documentation, and design compliant products—right from the start.

Agile™ Engineering Collaboration

If your product design information is scattered, unprotected or inadequately accessible, your innovation efforts could be suffering. Revive engineering processes across your entire distributed organization with Agile™ Engineering Collaboration. Minimize errors, boost productive collaboration, and ensure integrity with centrally managed design information integrated with the enterprise product record.

AutoVue Enterprise Visualization for Agile™

AutoVue for Agile™ Enterprise Visualization solutions deliver best-in-class document and CAD (MCAD and ECAD) visualization and collaboration capabilities directly within Oracle Agile™ PLM. Agile™ PLM customers can choose between two AutoVue for Agile™ solutions; AutoVue 2D Professional for Agile™ or AutoVue Electro-Mechanical Professional for Agile , depending on their product document visualization requirements. With AutoVue for Agile™ solutions, companies can enable visual decision-making across the product lifecycle and simplify end-to-end design to manufacturing. They can also optimize new product development and introduction, as well as change management processes, and enable more efficient collaboration with global supply chain partners without jeopardizing critical intellectual property.

Oracle Product Lifecycle Analytics

Oracle Product Lifecycle Analytics helps you make more informed product investment decisions by providing access to large volumes of product lifecycle data from all operations and entities. More visibility into the new product development pipeline, product risks, and quality trends helps you mitigate new product risks, increase responsiveness to product complaints, and improve customer satisfaction.

Oracle PLM Cloud Strategies

Every organization is unique. That’s why Oracle is committed to providing best-in-class Product Lifecycle Management solutions in the right deployment option for your business: PLM on the Oracle Cloud, managed cloud, or on premise. Trust Oracle to help transform your product development processes guided by a sound PLM strategy that fits your business needs and ROI expectations. Deploy and pay for a world-class PLM solution however you’d like.