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Domain System’s Consulting Services

Industry Solutions

Domain Systems bridges the gaps that exist between business systems and business processes helping companies to better plan for and manage the life cycles within manufacturing including products, documents, systems, or entire plants, by better utilizing best-of-breed technologies and services resulting in a competitive advantage to our customers.

Cost Effective Solutions

We are distinguished by our ability to decrease our client’s total cost of ownership and increase their return on investment (ROI). We accomplish this first by speeding time-to-value of the solutions and projects we implement and second, our fees are always less than those of larger, more bureaucratic companies. Consequently we reduce costs on both sides of the equation.

Flexible Solutions

We partner with best-of-breed application providers. We add proprietary technologies coupled with our consulting and services to solve your mission critical issues. We are not locked into any single solution, application or approach therefore we provide you with the best possible solution for your company.

Proven Methodologies

Our 3-D’s project methodology (design, develop, and deploy) has been proven successful time after time. From assessing your business processes to the last bit of data migration. Our 3D methodology achieves results and maintains project focus.

Real World Solutions to Real World Challenges

Implementation Planning

After analyzing your organizations requirements, Domain Systems works with you to prepare a detailed implementation plan. This plan serves as the blueprint that describes the scope of the project. It includes resource and skill requirements, platform and peripheral support, training methodologies, application integration, legacy data issues, and other key topics. The plan often includes recommendations for a phased approach, in which you implement the total project in logical stages, and provides suggestions for a pilot project — a typical representation of your work that you can use as the first phase of your installation.

Data Analysis and Modeling

A successful implementation requires careful planning and analysis of the data you are managing. Domain Systems consultants work with you to define and document key elements of the implementation project. After defining your data’s structure our consultants then work with you to develop configuration templates and a prototype configuration that is installed and tested at your site. Upon completion, you use this prototype to begin your pilot project.

Transition Strategies

Moving data from an old system to a new one is a challenging task. Domain Systems can develop a transition strategy for converting legacy data and recommend or design conversion processes that meet your needs. Domain Systems maintains a state-of-the-art data migration center to accomplish this accurately and rapidly.

Systems Integration

Combining the most effective off-the-shelf products into a complete system requires both product and integration expertise. Our consultants have years of experience customizing and integrating a variety of third-party applications into total system solutions including ERP and CAD.

Custom Development Tools

When your requirements go beyond standard off-the-shelf applications, Domain Systems can develop custom tools. Our experienced professionals provide solutions for the most complex integration requirements, including custom filters, translations, and macros; interfaces with external processes and databases; and custom tools and scripts.

Project Management

A successful implementation requires careful planning and management. The many processes involved are not sequential, but intertwine and overlap. Each process affects the others, like gears in a finely tuned machine. An experienced Domain Systems program manager oversees all phases of your project implementation by scheduling and coordinating the appropriate tasks and resources. Our project management expertise and careful attention to detail ensure that your implementation is successful while allowing you to continue your day-to-day production schedule.

Contract Services

Perhaps you simply want to install your application, get it configured and have it integrated into your current processes. You can avoid a lengthy and sometimes costly re-engineering effort in doing this. Usually however you’ll still need some consulting to get your new application up and running. Domain Systems also offers individual application services for PCM/PDM/EDM and some Manufacturing applications.

Our field consultants have the specific product expertise to help you avoid costly mistakes and lost time while allowing your application to be effective as quickly as possible.