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Propel PLM

Propel enables enterprise-wide product collaboration so that all teams can work smarter, faster, and better together.



As today's products evolve, traditional PLM can no longer keep up

Your markets, your customers, and your products have all changed. But your PLM tools haven’t. Today calls for a new kind of PLM. Propel PLM is it. Cloud-native, role-based, and easy to use, Propel is PLM reimagined.

Propel PLM Desktop

Business Benefits

30% Faster Time to Market

25% Faster Customer Issue Resolution

50% Margin Increase

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Discover a true concept-to-customer approach to product strategy. One where product and commercial teams collaborate across the entire value chain to drive revenue growth, improve quality, decrease costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Propel PLM Enables Business Transformation with Top-line and Bottom-line Impact

Empower Digital Transformation

Enable new business models and capture additional revenue streams to grow your business and weather uncertain market conditions

Achieve Product Success

Collaborate across your value chain to create the right products, commercialize them successfully, and correct quality issues decisively

Optimize Customer Experiences

Put the customer at the center of your business to deliver compelling product experiences that boost win rates and maximize long term retention

Build a Resilient Enterprise

Effectively support all teams regardless of location. Efficiently qualify and collaborate with global suppliers to build resilience and a robust supply chain

Propel named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Product Lifecycle Management for Discrete Manufacturers, Q1 2023

A great score for our first time (we’ve grown enough to meet this year’s eligibility requirements). We scored highest in the Supporting Products & Services category. And while Forrester keeps its scoring process confidential, this was largely driven by the extensibility of the Salesforce platform and the ecosystem of partners.

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See Product Value Management In Action

Propel combines product lifecycle management (PLM), product information management (PIM) and quality management (QMS) into a single platform that delivers visibility, collaboration and engagement across product and commercial teams.


Use cases supported by Propel’s single system of engagement across product and commercial teams.

New product development

Coordinate between product managers, engineering/design and line of business executives to conceive and develop a new product.

Custom product development

Coordinate between customers, sales/application engineering, project management, engineering, and production teams to quote and ultimately deliver a custom product.

Compliance management

Secure and maintain compliance with industry and regulatory compliance mandates.

Product quality

Design products for high quality while also acting quickly and decisively to remedy field or customer quality issues.

Product go-to-market
Enable marketing and sales with timely and accurate product information to hit launch and revenue targets.
Supplier management
Manage relationships with suppliers and contract manufacturers. Includes qualification, onboarding, secure collaboration, quality, and performance management.

Field service enablement

Design products for serviceability and enable service professionals to effectively and efficiently deliver service of fielded products.

Replace legacy technology with a modern approach to PLM and QMS

While legacy PLM and QMS platforms focus on engineering and quality teams, Propel’s modern platform enables company-wide collaboration that can quickly identify and respond to customer needs.

Replacing PLM and QMS systems is not easy, but the risk of losing a competitive edge is far worse. By postponing the inevitable need to modernize your critical systems, you increase the risk of losing market share with an impaired ability to respond to changing customer demands and market conditions.

But don’t stress, Propel’s no code cloud solution is built for fast and flexible deployments to speed your teams to design and build great products.

Client success

“The combination of Propel’s low code, no code solution with Domain Systems’ best practice PLM implementation and support services gives our customers a flexible, powerful alternative to legacy products that cannot deliver the insight and responsiveness that today’s market demands,”
Dario Ambrosini
Dario Ambrosini
CMO of Propel

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It can be somewhat complicated given the options Oracle provides.  Working with Domain, we can guide you thru the purchasing process with Oracle. Please contact us for a discussion regarding how we can help you pursue Agile PLM product.

No. Rumors have been running ramped about Oracle retire Agile PLM. Support is continuing throw 2028.  

Any business that develops a product via bill of material (BOM) can use Agile, however it is best suited for enterprise-level operation within the following key industries:

1.High Tech Electronics

2.Medical Devices



5.Consumer Electronics


7.Industrial Equipment

Depends. You will first want to understand what each of them does. Click here for a quick video recap of the 7 applications within the Agile suite.

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We realize that often there are questions that remain unanswered feel free to reach out and ask us more about Oracle Agile.



Agile PLM Best Practices


Agile PLM Best Practices