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Oracle Agile PLM

Maximize Your Product Profitability Across the Complete Product Lifecycle by Integrating the Extended Enterprise

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End to end Oracle Agile PLM support

It is not uncommon for organizations to implement live with an enterprise-level PLM software suite only to discover a serious lack of system knowledge and applied skills. The traditional route was to hire and train staff for each missing role. The more positions a business needs to hire and bring up to speed, the more distant a solid PLM environment becomes. Meanwhile, demands for shorter cycle times in product development need to be met.

How do you learn the specialized knowledge of Agile PLM to meet the specific needs of your business while keeping up with your product development?

That’s where we come in to help you navigate through the PLM obstacles and help you emerge as a leader in your industry. We were not only the first services partner, but we were also the first reseller of Agile products in 2002.

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  • Boost product profitability
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased workforce productivity
  • Managed supplier costs
  • Reduced waste, scrap, rework
  • Better product quality
  • Reduced risk of violating regulations
  • IP loss
  • Inventory

A Modular Solution


The Agile PLM Solution

As business needs change, you can easily add or remove modules, or upgrade to more advanced modules as needed, without disrupting your existing operations. This makes Agile PLM a flexible solution that can adapt to businesses’ changing needs over time.

Agile PLM Application Support forms a valuable partnership that provides PLM leadership, applied best practices, and personnel training- all rolled into one unparalleled service. Augment your team with industry experts that instill a focus on the most productive PLM use possible. 

Agile PLM process extensions

While Agile is evolving to meet changing needs, there is always functionality not captured in the released product. Oracle has recognized this need and has provided an option to customize functionality by way of process extensions.

This means that we can create server-side or client-side extensions, such as custom automations or new commands, to add to the Agile PLM system, allowing it to meet your specific needs. In addition, Agile PLM is modular and scalable according to the needs of the users, allowing for scalability at any point in the future. As a result of its flexibility and adaptability, Agile PLM allows organizations to remain agile and responsive to the changing market conditions and demands of their customers.

Is Agile Right for My Business?

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Oracle Agile 9.3 Best Practice

2023 User’s Guide to Oracle Agile 9.3x
Best Practices

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ROI with Agile PLM Value-Add

As the first consultancy to specialize in Agile PLM, we literally wrote the book on adding value to Agile PLM. 

Why Agile PLM delivered by Domain?


  • Proven history of large numbers of successful deployments
  • Agile’s oldest and most successful implementation partner.
  • We know best practices


  • Library of “Magic Bag” implementation aids that only come from a long history of “doing” this over and over.
  • Experienced Trainers
  • Re-engineer processes
  • Training

“Overall, every project they were involved with was completed in a timely manner and met all of our specified requirements. All of the Domain Systems’ consultants and programmers were professional, thorough and flexible throughout each of our projects. We plan on using them in the future as more improvements are made to our Document Control system.”

Joel Loosli
Director, Fairchild Semiconductor Intl.
Salt Lake Document Control

How does Domain support Agile?


If Agile is a good fit for your business, then lean on our onboarding experts for a complete (and headache-free) migration.


With the release of Agile 9.3.7 right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning on an upgrade that will maximize the value of your investment.


Start realizing Agile's full return by integrating the value of your product data by integrating with your up and downstream applications.


Bring your IT admins and user base up to speed quickly on everything they need to know to maximize Agile's business benefit and user satisfaction with in-person or virtual classrooms.

Application Support

Fill people and process gaps and add value with affordable application support plans to meet any size organization.

Health Check

It is smart to take the pulse of your IT systems at least every few years. Stop problems from happening before they even start with a dedicated specialist.

Why domain systems

A knowledgable partner in your corner

Client success

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“Domain Systems provided a professional, friendly and effective service to our company. They used their experience to successfully help us through the installation, configuration and data extraction phases of the Agile introduction, providing useful advice at all times.”

Martin Claydon

Engineering Project Manager SDS
Simoco Limited, UK


It can be somewhat complicated given the options Oracle provides.  Working with Domain, we can guide you thru the purchasing process with Oracle. Please contact us for a discussion regarding how we can help you pursue Agile PLM product.

No. Rumors have been running ramped about Oracle retire Agile PLM. Support is continuing throw 2028.  

Any business that develops a product via bill of material (BOM) can use Agile, however it is best suited for enterprise-level operation within the following key industries:

1.High Tech Electronics

2.Medical Devices



5.Consumer Electronics


7.Industrial Equipment

Depends. You will first want to understand what each of them does. Click here for a quick video recap of the 7 applications within the Agile suite.

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