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Efficiently meeting industry standards and regulations is . Product Enterprise PLM ensures compliance by providing comprehensive and accurate content for product design and then to support management decisions across organizations and functional groups.

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Complex System Integration

Aerospace & Defense PLM users often struggle with integrating PLM systems with other enterprise systems. This can lead to data silos, inefficient workflows, and increased risk of errors. With the right PLM solution, you can seamlessly integrate your systems, streamline workflows, and ensure data accuracy across your organization.

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Long Product Lifecycles

Your product is bound to have a much lengthier life cycle, which can make best practice PLM a challenge. Your users need to manage ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and compliance for products that may be in service for decades. A robust PLM system can help manage these long lifecycles, ensuring that products continue to meet quality and compliance standards.

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Global Collaboration Challenges

A&D companies often have teams spread across different locations and time zones. This can make collaboration and communication difficult, leading to delays and miscommunication. A PLM system that supports global collaboration can help teams work together more effectively, regardless of where they are located..

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High Stakes Risk Management

In the A&D industry, the stakes are high. Errors can lead to significant financial losses and damage to a company's reputation. PLM users need to manage risk effectively, from identifying potential issues to implementing corrective actions. A PLM system with robust risk management features can help mitigate these risks.

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Complex Supply Chain Management

A&D companies often have complex supply chains with multiple suppliers and partners. Managing these relationships and ensuring that all parts and materials meet quality and compliance standards can be a challenge. A PLM system can help manage these complex supply chains, ensuring that all components meet specifications and that any changes are communicated effectively.

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Inadequate Reporting and Analytics

PLM users in the A&D industry often struggle with inadequate reporting and analytics. This can make it difficult to make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement. A PLM system with robust reporting and analytics can provide the insights needed to drive continuous improvement and make informed decisions.

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Proven history of a large number of successful Aerospace & Defense deployments

With over 50 PLM implementations with Aerospace & Defense manufacturers, we understand the unique challenges that these companies face when it comes to managing regulatory compliance and utilizing PLM software.

We apply aerospace and defense best practices

With our dynamic approach, we use aerospace and defense best practices to propel organizations forward. By implementing robust processes and controls, we ensure compliance and elevate quality standards in all your Aerospace & Defense products.

Experience Trainers

Our team comprises highly skilled engineers, developers, business consultants, and project managers who have been carefully selected for their expertise and excellence in their respective fields.

Direct hands-on experience assisting clients prepare for industry audits and inspections

Benefit from our hands-on experience, proven methodologies, and deep understanding of regulatory requirements to achieve compliance excellence, streamline processes, and confidently navigate the audit process. With our support, proactively address potential issues, mitigate risks, and ensure successful outcomes during industry audits and inspections.

Turnkey best practice Aerospace & Defense approach that can be edited and configured to your business processes

Our turnkey best practice and security model Aerospace & Defense approach offers a configurable solution which can be tailored to fit each client's unique business processes. With our flexible approach, we empower clients to adopt industry best practices while retaining the flexibility to adapt and configure the solution to their business requirements.

Why Domain?

Regulatory Compliance

Your industry has some rigorous requirements, and our PLM solutions are specifically tailored to meet your needs. With all our PLM solutions, we ensure the ability to comply with industry standards and certifications along with other industry-specific needs.

Unparalleled Expertise

Domain brings a wealth of industry expertise and specialized knowledge. We have a deep understanding of Aerospace & Defense best practices, regulatory requirements, and innovative processes for successful product lifecycle management.

Cost and Resource Efficiency

Implementing an in-house PLM system can be a costly endeavor. By partnering with Domain PLM experts, you can significantly reduce upfront investments, reduce errors, and ongoing maintenance costs. Our scalable solutions allow you to access advanced PLM capabilities without straining your resources.

Scalability and Flexibility

As your business evolves and expands, your PLM requirements may change. Domain’s PLM services provide scalable solutions that can grow with your organization. Whether you're launching new product lines, expanding into new markets, or undergoing mergers and acquisitions, these services can adapt to meet your evolving needs.

Customized Solutions

Your business has unique needs that we can help you with. Domain’s PLM services offer tailored solutions to align with your specific business requirements. Whether you need streamlined workflow automation or seamless collaboration tools, these services can be customized to fit your organization.

Collaboration and Cross-Functional Integration

We have multiple PLM solutions that integrate with most of your enterprise software solutions. These PLM systems, facilitate real-time communication, data sharing, and concurrent engineering, allowing for faster decision-making, improved collaboration.

Accelerated Time to Market

Efficient product development processes are crucial in the Aerospace & Defense industry. We can help streamline workflows, reduce bottlenecks,and improve collaboration between teams and suppliers. By optimizing these processes, you can speed up time to market and gain a competitive edge.

Risk Mitigation

Regulatory compliance, quality control, and traceability are critical factors in the Aerospace & Defense industry. Third-party PLM services assist you in navigating complex regulatory landscapes, ensuring adherence to industry standards, and mitigating risks associated with product recalls or non-compliance penalties.

Take the first step towards revolutionizing your product development by connecting with our team for a personalized consultation and discover how we can help you achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, quality, and competitive advantage.

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A PLM solution offers numerous benefits for Aerospace companies in managing complex product development processes. It provides a centralized platform for managing product data, documentation, and collaboration. PLM solutions enable efficient version control, change management, and facilitate cross-functional collaboration, resulting in streamlined processes, reduced time to market, and improved product quality.

Yes, a PLM solution can support compliance with industry regulations and standards in the Aerospace sector. It provides features for capturing and managing regulatory requirements, tracking changes and approvals, and ensuring traceability. PLM solutions help aerospace companies adhere to safety standards, quality regulations, and other industry-specific requirements.

A PLM solution facilitates effective collaboration among dispersed teams and suppliers in the aerospace and defense industry. It offers features for secure document sharing, version control, real-time collaboration, and communication tools. PLM solutions enable seamless collaboration, fostering efficient communication, decision-making, and ensuring that all stakeholders have access to up-to-date product information.

Yes, a PLM solution can help manage the rigorous documentation and certification processes in the aerospace and defense industry. It provides features for capturing, organizing, and managing all relevant product documentation, including specifications, design documents, test plans, and certification records. PLM solutions ensure accuracy, version control, and easy access to required documentation, facilitating efficient audits and certifications.

A PLM solution can significantly contribute to supply chain management and optimization in the aerospace industry. It provides features for supplier management, demand planning, inventory management, and order tracking. PLM solutions enable effective collaboration with suppliers, ensuring timely availability of components, optimizing the supply chain, and improving overall operational efficiency.

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