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Domain Systems’ core expertise is discrete manufacturing including all aspects of Consumer Goods (CPG) manufacturing. From our proven and demonstrated experience in this market, we are uniquely qualified to offer professional services and/or product application solutions. Domain Systems provides the link in this knowledge chain to bring the accurate components together.

PLM Addresses Your CPG Challenges

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Complex Product Development

CPG products' complexity, with various components and packaging options, can pose challenges in product development, causing communication gaps, version control issues, and delays in time to market.

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Inefficient Change Management

Managing changes to product specifications, formulations, or packaging designs can be a significant challenge without proper tools and processes in place. Manual change management processes can be error-prone, time-consuming, and prone to miscommunication.

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Regulatory Compliance and Quality

CPG products are subject to various regulatory requirements, safety standards, and quality control measures. Ensuring compliance across multiple products and markets can be challenging without a unified system.

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Lack of Visibility and Data Management

Engineering teams often struggle with fragmented product information spread across various systems and departments. This lack of visibility hinders efficient decision-making and can lead to errors or delays.

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Version Control and Intellectual Property Protection

CPG companies invest significant resources in product development, formulations, and packaging designs. Ensuring version control, protecting intellectual property, and preventing unauthorized access or modifications is crucial.

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Supply Chain Network Collaboration

Collaboration with suppliers, co-manufacturers, and distributors is critical in the CPG industry. Coordinating activities, sharing product specifications, managing changes, and ensuring smooth information flow can be complex.

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“We’ve chosen Domain Systems for each of our PLM-related projects for the following reasons: Affordability, industry experience, and reliability.”
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A PLM solution offers significant benefits for consumer products and goods companies in managing product development processes. It provides a centralized platform for managing product data, documentation, and collaboration. PLM solutions enable efficient version control, change management, and facilitate cross-functional collaboration, resulting in streamlined processes, reduced time to market, and improved product quality.

Yes, a PLM solution can support the management of complex product configurations and variants in the consumer products and goods industry. It provides robust configuration management capabilities to efficiently manage multiple product configurations, options, and variants. PLM solutions ensure accurate documentation, improve traceability, and support efficient production planning and customization.

A PLM solution plays a crucial role in ensuring regulatory compliance and quality control in the consumer products and goods industry. It provides features for capturing and managing regulatory requirements, tracking changes and approvals, and supporting adherence to industry-specific standards. PLM solutions enable effective quality management by facilitating the tracking of product defects, non-conformances, and corrective actions.

Yes, a PLM solution can enhance collaboration among dispersed teams and global suppliers in the consumer products and goods industry. It offers features for secure document sharing, real-time communication tools, and bidirectional data exchange capabilities. PLM solutions facilitate seamless collaboration, fostering efficient communication, knowledge sharing, and coordination among stakeholders across different locations and time zones.

A PLM solution can significantly contribute to supply chain management and optimization in the consumer products and goods industry. It provides features for supplier management, demand planning, inventory management, and order tracking. PLM solutions enable effective collaboration with suppliers, ensuring timely availability of components, optimizing the supply chain, and improving overall operational efficiency.

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