PLM Implementation

The real value of PLM is in driving innovation and can deliver massive advantages for your business if implemented successfully. 

Implementing PLM seamlessly into your company

We have a deep understanding of your business needs and will work with you to create the best possible solution. We’ll guide all phases during implementation, making sure it’s tailored for success from start to finish. 


We are a trusted source of end-to-end PLM advisory, implementation, and support services that will help your organization improve process efficiency by combining deep experience with expertise in leading cloud or on-premise solutions. 


At the forefront of helping industries shape the understanding and implementation of PLM in a digital world. Our expertise has been recognized by analysts, technology providers, universities, and other key industry players. We have in-depth knowledge, hands-on experience, and established relationships across the entire PLM technology ecosystem. 


While many companies are still trying to understand the implications of PLM in a digital world, we have been working with clients for over 25 years and helped them implement this technology, we know how to get you there too.  


We know how difficult it can be when you’re not sure where your business should go next – but don’t worry. Our team is here every step along the way; there will always be someone ready (and able) to take care of all aspects related to your PLM software.

Increase Your Next PLM Project Success

The experts are on your side. They know the pitfalls, and they’ll be there to help you avoid them while implementing a new PLM software install.   


We identified 3 major areas requiring full commitment, on both sides, to reduce risk during implementation and guarantee your organization’s continuity and success with your PLM solution: 

We Design:

We begin with an implementation strategy and set clear expectations and objectives. We want you to understand the specific business problems and legacy technology and then finally train the project team and map out all requirements.

We Develop:

With that solution design, we build out the new parameters and templates needed.

We also develop a self-paced training course and materials as well.

We Deploy:

We make the transition. We begin converting data and begin live operations with a fully tested system and trained users. Our final step will be performing audits and doing the final refining of the system and recapping best practices for your future. 

Design, Develop and Deploy a Cloud PLM suite in 10 to 12 weeks, delivering multi-million-dollar benefits within the first 6 months.

This process is streamlined for the fastest deployment allowing the quickest ROI.

Q & A What is your PLM implementation process?

After analyzing your organization’s requirements, it’s time to prepare a detailed implementation plan. This plan, which serves as your implementation blueprint, describes the scope, resource and skill requirements, platform and peripheral support, training methodologies, application integration, legacy data issues, and other key topics.​   

Develop your solution

A successful implementation requires careful planning and analysis of the data you are managing. One of our consultants will work with you to define and document key elements of the implementation project.  After defining your data’s structure, the consultant works with you to develop configuration templates and a prototype configuration that is installed and tested at your site. Upon completion, you use this prototype to begin your pilot project.​   

Deploy your solution​ 

This final phase consists of transitioning legacy data in accordance with your business need, integrating your SaaS modules with other business systems (ERP, CAD, etc.), phasing into production, and providing remote onboarding assistance during the production cut-over period.​ 

What Goes Into My Implementation

what we do?

We bring solutions to make life easier

Other services we offer


We provides the same value in this new environment by developing custom connections for utilities or other solutions.​​

Process Extension

Simple or complex developments designed to extend functionality or add automations.

CAD Integrations

Downstream process for prototyping, work instructions, and technical publications, allowing disparate front end contributing solutions from design and innovation activities.

ERP Integrations

Enabling a connection of high-level information directly from Agile PLM into your enterprise solution. Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve collaboration.

Custom Training Content

Team of experts provides a wealth of knowledge and tested experience that is available in real-time or in recorded media

System Configuration

No matter how complex your setup may be, Domain is equipped to simplify and streamline your processes configuring your system to be within the best practices.


Business consulting

Complexity within businesses happens. We will help you with decisive direction and results that drive action.

Onboard training

Our experts work directly with your teams to rapidly bring them up to speed for when your solution goes live. 

Application support ​ 

Comprehensive support built to lower total costs and increase the knowledge to close the gaps. 

Disaster recovery

Repeatable deliverables include: (Installation/ configuration of the secondary database server, primary replicated /secondary data guard. Two-way initial failover making secondary site. Validating replication of file settings, etc) 

System backup​ 

Whether implementing a new system or using it as a precaution for a disaster, a simple backup will always be the low-cost option preventing risk. Backs up Oracle database, stored documents and files, and application files.

Health check 

Our experts will identify improvement opportunities by reviewing system performance, the configuration of your PLM environment, and much more. We provide you with information that will maximize your system and configure best practices. 

Why domain systems

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“Choosing Domain Systems to implement Agile PLM was one of the best business decisions we’ve made. We just can’t say enough great things about the ongoing support and expertise they provide”

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