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Battle-tested onboarding methodology that rapidly gets your PLM solution into production.

Implementation Experts

Knowledge of industry best practice when implementing PLM is crucial to getting the most out of your solution. Whether it be 

High Tech

  • consumer electronics
  • automotive
  • aerospace
  • communications
  • semiconductor

Life Sciences

  • biotech, medical device
  • pharmaceutical
  • nutraceutical

Each individual vertical has its own complexities and engineering challenges and knowledge required in order to fit the best practice. PLM Implementation may involve changes in processes or a shift in team members. It may require new hardware. It can be a daunting task, error-prone, and costly if done incorrectly. 

That’s why we have proven best practices and an expert team that will help you along the journey to install or upgrade your PLM suite.

Implementation Phases

Implementing your solution is critical to a successful integration. Following our proven best practice methodology, we guide you to design, develop and then deploy seamlessly in your new environment.

Design: With the client, we will develop a strategy with clear expectations and objectives. We help you to understand the specific business problems and technology. Train the project team and map out all requirements.

Develop: With that solution design we build out the new parameters and templates needed. We also develop a self-paced training course and materials as well.

Deploy:  We make the transition. We begin converting data and begin live operations with a fully tested system and trained users. Our final step will be performing audits and doing the final refining of the system and recap best practices for your future.

With careful planning and following our 3D approach (Design, Develop, Deploy) we can assure a quick and seamless deployment.


Each project plan will be tailored to address specific business and integration needs, such as:

  • Business Requirements Definition
  • Custom Extensions
  • BPR
  • Interfacing to Legacy Systems
  • Conversions
  • Systems Testing
  • Systems Tuning
  • Education and Training


Implementation Strategy
Plan the Business and Technical Execution of the Program

Assist in the Identification of the Business and Technology Requirements

Solution Design
Optimize Business Process to Meet Current & Future Requirements

Training & Documentation to Support On-Going Business

Assist in the Migration to the New PLM Environment

Monitor & Refine Production System

PLM Implementation Team

While many companies are still trying to understand the implications of PLM in a digital world, we have been working with clients for over 25 years and helped them implement this technology, we know how to get you there too.

We have a deep understanding of your business needs and will work with you to create the best possible solution. We’ll guide all phases during implementation, making sure it’s tailored for success from start to finish.

Why domain systems

A knowledgeable partner in your corner

Client success

Communications Quote
“Mindspeed selected Domain because of their breadth of Agile knowledge, impressive industry references, and responsiveness. In addition, their knowledge of our legacy system made them logical choice for selection. Post implementation support continues to be very responsive. Everything we expect in a long-term consulting arrangement,”

Colin Black

chief information officer
Mindspeed Technologies

What to Expect

What is Your PLM Implementation process?

After analyzing your organization’s requirements, it’s time to prepare a detailed implementation plan. This plan, which serves as your implementation blueprint, describes the scope, resource and skill requirements, platform and peripheral support, training methodologies, application integration, legacy data issues, and other key topics.   

What Goes Into My Implementation 3

The first thing that needs to happen is the assessment of your business needs. Whether you have had PLM installed before, what hardware you currently have, etc. This part will include business process consulting that will assist designing/redesigning of your business processes (as needed) to meet the required needs with best practices.

A successful implementation requires careful planning and analysis of the data you are managing. One of our consultants will work with you to define and document key elements of the implementation project.  After defining your data’s structure, the consultant works with you to develop configuration templates and a prototype configuration that is installed and tested at your site. Upon completion, you use this prototype to begin your pilot project.​   

Once everything is planned out, working together, you will have the new PLM System installed and configured. If needed, you will also have the most up to date security model in place.  

If you are implementing a PLM solution there is data and content that needs to be migrated from whatever source you have today. Whether that be excel spreadsheets, whether that be a shared drive somewhere along the way or whether that be an ERP system, it doesn’t matter. You must develop and design and time out the appropriate data migration process.  

Changing something to a new system is a piece of cake but getting people to understand and follow that new solution that you’ve just put in place and take some time and there’s a learning curve associated with it.  We will help you and your team understand your new system with training and support. If you do not have the time or resources for the training we can also provide someone on site or remote with our Managed Services (Talk to your sales rep for more information) 

Every question will be answered through out the process and will be offer continued remote support after initial go live has occurred.

We will advise you on next steps and if necessary recommend further training and discuss other measures helpful ensure smooth and productive system utilization and administration.  

You will also have access to a wide range of support options with our Center of Excellence packages.

have a question?

We realize that often there are questions that remain unanswered feel free to reach out and ask us more about PLM Implementation.

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